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     I’m exploring my relationships with spaces, colors, empathy, intuition, dogs, strangers, memory, and beloved furniture. I approach making as a means to project and preserve memories of events and emotions that are attached to the spaces and objects I am most intimate with. Indexical marks play an important role in my paintings and ceramics -both the physical evidence of routine, and of my presence and action. I make religious depictions whenever relics aren't available. I consider the importance and validity of intuition while making -meaning is always there and allowing intuition to rank what is most valuable in my work reveals honest and powerful content over time. I often reference mnemonic drawings that are reinterpreted and reconstituted until I get a flavorful concentrate of whatever experience and atmosphere I need; this process yields moments of intimacy, humor, and personal narrative. I reverently work within painting traditions or cynically push against them, depending on the day. I’m looking for animism, romance, and tiny dog hats on Amazon.

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